A hole in the OH&S manual?

It’s a no brainer that workshops are generally not the safest of places and OH&S principles need to be taken seriously. However sometimes there are things which simply can’t be pre-empted, like visiting wildlife! Working in the country certainly has some quirky moments and Graham was close to having his yearly quota in a short span of a week.

Keeping warm outdoors – the firepit

Mid sized fire bowl


Fire pits have been around for centuries in other cultures and are the latest ‘must have’ with garden lovers and landscape designers in Australia.  Farmweld released two wrought iron firepit designs at the Stirling Autumn Garden Festival in the Adelaide Hills. Available in three fire bowl sizes – large 1.2m, medium 900mm and small 750mm they come with beautiful heavy, hand forged wrought iron stands which adorn the

Metal Art – wall art – freestanding metal panels

Unique hand cut metal art

NEW Custom Metal Garden Art

Outdoor metal art for Australian gardens

Create a unique focal point for your home, garden or commercial design project with unique metal garden artwork by Adelaide Hills artist and designer Tricia Hood. Designs are inspired by the natural environment and beauty of the Adelaide Hills property where Tricia and her artist blacksmith husband, Andrew Hood reside. These designs are new to Farmweld and there will be more to come.

Wrought iron tree bench

Wrought iron tree bench

Another week has passed and as with most, there’s usually one project which stands out as a favourite. This week it was a project for a customer in the Adelaide Hills, in South Australia who had a large tree around with a girth of about 1.2 or 1.4m and she wanted to put a lovely, large wrought iron bench around it. She also wanted a steel tree bench which would last. She had a picture of an English tree bench she liked, but

Fireplace and fire side tools – Gallery

Ornamental wrought iron firescreen

The end of summer is approaching and now is a good time to look at maintenance of your open fire place and slow combustion heaters. So what maintenance needs to be done to your fireplace? Here are a few things to consider:

How to select the right garden arch for climbing roses

Climbing Rose - Mrs Fred DanksI can tell spring is nearly here. Every second enquiry is for an arch so gardeners are starting to frequent their gardens about as often as the local magpies are frequenting mine! If you’re looking to plant the last of your bare rooted climbing roses and are looking for a support you need to keep in mind a few things when selecting the most appropriate structure. Here are some tips.

Rusty old garden gates – the trend in garden landscaping & how to maintain rusty items

Rusty garden gate

Rusty old garden gates and farming implements are much sought after as garden features. Many people love the rusty patina of steel. Learn how to maintain your steel items so they’re around for years to come.

Old gates and garden implements are getting harder to find for sale at auctions, clearing sales, demolition yards and second hand stores. Rusty old garden structures, especially heritage style gates, cast jointed farm gates like the Sunshine McKay and Simpson gates, old farming implements, rusty wagon wheels and quaint wrought iron garden gates are

Custom wrought iron garden arch

Ornate wrought iron garden archWe always enjoy doing custom iron work with an artistic touch. We had the pleasure of designing and fabricating this garden arch for a local customer, Michael who chose to go with a unique design. The brief of this design was to provide Michael with an organic looking garden arch to suit his garden.

Coke – the fuel for forge & fire

Coke burns cleanly and at very high temperatures

We received our first delivery of Coke today and will have coke for sale with pick up from our Adelaide Hills workshop. Coke is a wonderful fuel preferred by many blacksmiths for forging wrought iron. Coke is sometimes used for fuelling Aga stoves and boilers as it burns very hot and much cleaner than wood or charcoal.