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How to select the right garden arch for climbing roses

Climbing Rose - Mrs Fred DanksI can tell spring is nearly here. Every second enquiry is for an arch so gardeners are starting to frequent their gardens about as often as the local magpies are frequenting mine! If you’re looking to plant the last of your bare rooted climbing roses and are looking for a support you need to keep in mind a few things when selecting the most appropriate structure. Here are some tips.

Custom wrought iron garden arch

Ornate wrought iron garden archWe always enjoy doing custom iron work with an artistic touch. We had the pleasure of designing and fabricating this garden arch for a local customer, Michael who chose to go with a unique design. The brief of this design was to provide Michael with an organic looking garden arch to suit his garden.

Garden arch, Eden Hills, South Australia

I had my heart set on a sturdy, well built arch for my much loved garden but was not able to find anything in the shops that even came vaguely near my expectations.  Then I contacted Tricia at Farmweld.  I sent through a photo and description and Tricia promptly came back with confirmation that they could build the arch and a quote.  The arch now takes pride of place in the middle of my garden with a passionfruit growing up one side and a Jasmin the other.  I can’t wait till they smoother the arch with heavenly fruit and perfumed flowers.

Michelle Leigh, Eden Hills, South Australia