Horizontal Bar Gates

NOTE: We do not recommend bar gates be used around cattle or horses in case they get a leg through the bars and injure themselves.

Pipe Gates

Diamond bar gate

Diamond Gate

Railway gate

Railway Gate

Construction: The Railway gate and Diamond gate are made from galvanised steel pipe (not tubing which is much thinner and flimsy).
Finish: Powder coated only.
Height: 1200mm tall from bottom to top rail.
Sizes: 1.2m to 4.8m (NOTE: small gates look best without the handle which is 600mm long, as it can make it look top heavy).
Suitable for: These gates are quite resilient with heavy stock due to their overall strength and design.
Price Guide: Starting from $590 (subject to change without notice)/

Farm gates with wrought iron

The ‘Eleanor’ was the first of our wrought iron driveway farm gates. The matching personal access gate has become one of the most popular garden gate designs. Made with flat steel bars, it resembles the earlier blacksmithed heritage farm gates of the mid to late 1800′s.

The ‘Estate’ gate is the latest design to join our stable of wrought iron gates. The design is like the old style English estate gates.

You can order these steel gates either uncoated so they’ll rust to an aged look, or powder coated. These two gates with wrought iron detail suit Federation and Victorian era homes and cottages..

Eleanor wrought iron farm gate

Eleanor Gate

Estate gate

Estate Gate

Construction: The Estate and Eleanor gates have been designed to look like old blacksmithed heritage gates, but without the expense of making them traditionally. They are made from RHS (rectangular hollow section) and flat bar steel with the addition of wrought iron.
Finish: Powder coated or unpainted. These gates will rust if left exposed.
Height: 1200mm tall to the top rail.
Sizes: 915mm (3′) to 4.8m
Suitable for: These gates are quite resilient with heavy stock due to their overall strength and design.
Price Guide: Starting from $500 (subject to change without notice)

Cast Jointed Gates

Ornamental centre moulding of farm gate

Close up of ornamental centre disc

Cast Jointed farm gates were common during the early part of the 20th century. Known today as ‘Sunshine gates’, many foundries, now long gone, made and sold these farm gates.  Simpson was a South Australian company. Victoria’s Sunshine McKay factory made the most well known ‘Sunshine gate’. It’s name is mainly remembered today as it’s cast into the centre of remaining old farm gates. Sunshine McKay gates are also known as ‘drag & drop gates’ because they were so heavy they often ended up on the ground. The Cyclone factory also made cast jointed farm gates. They had factories in most states from where they would sell gates Australia-wide.

Cast jointed gates are near double the weight of our other gates. Each casting weighs approximately 2kg. We use a special welding technique that bonds mild steel to cast iron.

The ornamental circular centre disc is the closest to the Sunshine McKay gates. The castings are from original old gates. But it’s uncertain whether they’re from the Sunshine McKay or Simpson gates.

Knuckles can be decorative or plain, and there are two centres available.

Cast jointed gate with ornamental castings

CJ Gate with ornamental castings
(3.6m/12′ shown here)

Cast jointed gate

CJ gate with plain castings
(3m/10′ gate shown)

Construction: Heavy walled pipe, flat steel bracing and cast iron. They are hard to tell apart from the authentic gates. These gates are traditionally made to be hung from timber posts and come with bolt through hinges.
Finish: Powder coated only.
Height: 1150mm tall to the top rail.
Sizes: 1.2m to 3.5m (for 3.6m gap). These gates cannot be made any longer due to their weight.
Suitable for: Ornamental, they are not suitable around stock. Posts should be well braced to support their weight.
Price Guide: Starting from $1200 (subject to change without notice)


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