Heritage Mesh & Wire Gates

Gates that are made to last…

Farmweld prides itself on making gates strong and giving you options with the type of mesh you want.


  • Scroll wire mesh gates are made with galvanised steel pipe with a 34mm OD. This is thicker and heavier than thin and flimsy tubing used by other manufacturers.
  • Stainless steel scrolls.
  • Wire mesh options:
    • Farm mesh – 150 x 100mm mesh or 75 x 50mm mesh, pre galvanised
    • Chain mesh – also known as cyclone wire or tennis court mesh it suits heritage gates as well as contemporary gates.
    • Heritage woven wire – there are two manufacturers of heritage woven wire left in Australia, and the occasional overseas import. We prefer to use quality Emu woven wire. It has more strands per metre and thicker wire than other brands.
Ornamental gate with farm mesh

Standard 100x150mm Farm Mesh

chain mesh gate

Chain mesh

woven wire gate

Woven wire (Emu wire)


The Cyclone company was the most prolific manufacturer of mesh and wrought iron gates in Australia. Some smaller companies also manufactured their own variations. The wire work on early mesh gates appear to have been hand woven and laced. Cyclone mass produced mesh gates using machine made chain mesh and woven wire. Chain mesh is also called cyclone wire. Most of the early gate designs continued to be popular through till the 1950′s. Old garden gates and driveway gates are still prominent in many older Australian suburbs. It was not unusual to see both heritage woven wire and chain mesh together, e.g. chain mesh gate and woven wire fencing.

Cyclone gate catalogue page

1930’s Cyclone gate catalogue excerpt

Vintage gates are tightly held treasures in country homesteads. Many garden gates around the house were mesh gates. It wasn’t uncommon for farmers to have a decorative driveway gates gracing the entrance to the farm. These heritage gates are highly sought by antique gate collectors throughout Australia. Wrought iron gates came in many designs some of which are shown here. Some gates were simple with only a pair of wrought iron scrolls. More ornate gates would have half or more of the gate frame filled with wrought iron patterns.

Mesh Gate Designs

Note: Available in sizes from 915mm through to 4.8m. Illustrations show 1.2m and 3.6m gates.

Price guide indication is for 915mm, farm mesh, silver/galv unpainted finish. Contact us for actual prices.

Plain Mesh Gate

Plain wire mesh gate

Price Guide


Circle wire mesh gate

Starting from $510


Marie wire gate

Starting from $475


Raphaelle mesh gate

Starting from $475


Old style gate, Vanessa with wrought iron and mesh.

Starting from $500


Kensington mesh gate

Starting from $585


Victorian woven wire gate

Starting from (Woven Wire) $630


Maddison mesh gate

Starting from $475

* The handle on the Maddison is 600mm long and is not available on gates under 1200mm.

Suitable for: Residential garden gates or driveway gates in city or rural situations. Some styles are suitable for rural applications, e.g. Maddison with farm mesh. Gates with ornamental wrought iron above the top bar may be hazardous to stock.
Finish: Silver/Galv or Powder coated (excluding metallic, pearlescent and textured finishes).
Height: 1200mm from top frame to bottom frame. Gates with farm mesh may be slightly shorter as they are tailored to fit the squares of the mesh.
Sizes: Available sizes 915mm (3′) through to 4.8m (16′). We do not recommend shipping gates over 4.2m interstate.

 Mesh Gate Photo Gallery

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