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Create a special place in your house or garden with metal art

Are you looking for metal art to fill a spot on your wall? A bare patch in the garden? A metal art feature near your entertainment area or a decorative metal screen because you need to conceal the utility areas of your garden? Working from our Adelaide Hills studio, we produce unique metal art, hand made just for you. Metal art and sculptures are available for either freestanding or wall mounted applications. Metal art looks awesome when backlit as a light box or in contrast, freestanding panels lit from the front throw give an entirely different depth to the piece as shadows dance on night time walls.


NOTE: All images and product designs are copyright © and can not be reproduced in any way with out the written permission of Farmweld.

Functional Metal Art

Why settle for a boring gate or fence when creating a physical barrier in your garden? Wouldn’t you rather an interesting work of metal art or a steel sculpture that ‘fits’ in your garden. Artist blacksmith Andrew Hood, forges large and small metal sculptures. Sculptural forms are made using recycled or new materials. Include metal panels with artistic cut-outs in the frame of your gate so they become works of art. Investing in metal art adds value to your property.

Blacksmith, Andrew Hood forging a wheathead

Plasma cut metal art

The plasma cut metal art is designed, hand drawn and cut freehand by Farmweld’s artist and creative director, Tricia Hood. Every piece of metal art is unique and an individual work of art.

Plasma cutting metal art
Tricia Hood taking a break whilst hand cutting the Iris design.

The corten sheets used for the metal screen panels enable us to make metal art panels in any size up to 1200mm x 2400mm. Where a natural, rust finish is desired Corten steel (also known as sculptors steel) is a great option because, unlike mild steel, it forms a stabilised layer of rust on the surface. In addition, metal panels can also be powder coated in a wide range of colours.

Bespoke sculpture

Is your dream to have a sculpture made using recycled materials? Let Farmweld recycle your shed contents to give you something unique with sentimental value. Blacksmith’s forge hot steel into any shape or form, thus changing the flow, shape, texture and feel of the material into unique items. Minor hammer marks and imperfections in hand-beaten steel is a stark contrast to perfectly made, machine replicated metalwork. Handworked metal art products are heirlooms, often handed down to the next generation and consequently, are an investment in your home.

If you’d like to invest in a bespoke quality, hand-made product, contact Farmweld today.